Tips to stop cough.

This method had been tested by many people.

One of the best methods to stop cough.

Cut off the top part of the orange,

put some salt into the orange,

and put back the top part.

Steam it 20 minutes and eat all the fresh

including the juice at the bottom of the bowl.

Taste not very nice but cures your prolonged cough in days.  


Cut off a little shelf of top.

Add 1 teaspoon of salt



Place in a bowl and steam it 20 minutes


Finish it

 Don’t forget to finish the water left in the bowl. Its taste sour and salty, good for cure.   




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3 Responses to “Tips to stop cough.”

  1. Nisha Says:

    its a mistake here..
    it was written tat we must steam the orange 4 10 mins..
    but it was written tat we must steam the orange 4 20 mins near the pic..

  2. tengkp Says:

    Thanks Nisha for pointing out the error

  3. Athan@How to Stop a Cough Says:

    Good tips though, just to add up… Cinnamon and a Lime – This is an incredible remedy on how to stop a cough that is definitely effective. Boil 2 cinnamon sticks in one cup of lime juice. The vitamin C that is present in the lime juice can boost your body’s immune system. The combination of lime and cinnamon can take out the phlegm.

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