Risk of AIDs from fish pedicure

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health has warned against the use of fish for cosmetic treatments, and fish pedicures in particular.

 “The use of these fish pose a health threat, because it may cause the spread of several diseases, and the viral infections such as hepatitis and even HIV/Aids.”

 The Ministry of Health issued a warning after it was found that the cleaning of feet with the help of fish was widespread in beauty salons, and some salons for men as well.

Garra Rufa fish removing dead skin from a foot

In the procedure, the fish gathered around the feet of the client and eat the dry skin from the ankles and around the nails.

Dr Al Amiri added: “Some people may be suffering from serious diseases where open wounds may cause infection and serious viral diseases are transmitted through fish and water”.

The procedure, which was developed in Turkey as a way to treat skin ailments including psoriasis, involves feet being dunked in a tank of water filled with one of two species of small fish – the garra rufa and chin chin.

The hungry creatures nibble off the dead skin while leaving healthy epidermis alone.

In the US, fish pedicures are illegal in 14 states.
Source: emirates247.com/Agencies


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