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Sexually transmitted disease Just by kissing

September 16, 2009






Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD)
and a bacterial infection.
You don’t have to have intercourse to get syphilis.
Kissing someone with an active lesion will transmit the bacteria.

Active lesions are called chancres.
The Syphilis Learning Center Media Gallery
has some very graphic images
if you are curious about what they look like –
or want to scare yourself into seeking immediate treatment.
Symptoms vary depending on the stage of the infection.
Tests will be done to verify the diagnosis.

There are three stages of syphilis infection –
early, latent and tertiary. It is important to seek prompt
medical treatment at the first sign of infection
and to inform your sexual contacts of your diagnosis
so they can get treatment.
Syphilis is a reportable disease which means
that your health care provider
is required by law to notify local health of your case.