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Tips to Prevent Pimples

November 15, 2009


Pimples is really a problem that faced by teenagers nowadays. In this post, I got some tips to prevent this irritating pimples coming out to our face. Our face suppose to be bright, clean and looking nice,right. Here is the tips:

1. Never frequently touch the face with our hands, bacteria might get contact with our face and start breeding and it will lead to pimples.

2. Personal hygiene is utmost important, for instance, blanket, bedsheet, pillow and towel has to cleaned all the time.

3. Minimize the consumption of junk food, peanuts, and cake which is high in sugar. All this food is contributing to pimples.

4. Exercise can facilitate metabolisme, therefore, it will be benefit our health and skin.

5. Balance diet has to practiced, take in a lot of vegetables and fruits and do not take canned food will help to get rid of pimples.

6. Stress can cause pimples, thus, we have find ways to release stress. I suggest exercise or you may find other method to get the stress away. Always think positive and be optimistic in everything we do.

7. Sufficient of sleep is essential. Suggested to sleep before 12 midnight.

8. Beautiful face begin with face washing. We got to wash our face at least twice a day to make it clean.

9. Ultra violet coming from sun is able to damage our skin, so apply anti sunburn lotion to protect our face or skin.

Hope the tips will help to prevent the pimples coming out to our face.