Benefits of coconut water

November 15, 2009

Why drink coconut water

Why Drink Coconut Water?

Coconut Water is naturally:

> Low in Carbs
> 99% Fat Free
> Low in sugars

Coconut Water contains organic compounds possessing healthy growth promoting properties that have been known to help:

Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature

Orally re-hydrate your body, it is an all natural isotonic beverage

 Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells


 Naturally replenish your body’s fluids after exercising
Raise your metabolism


Promote weight loss


 Boost your immune system

Detoxify and fight viruses


Cleanse your digestive tract

Control diabetes 


Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS

Balance your PH and reduce risk of cancer


Treat kidney and urethral stones

Boost poor circulation 



























September 16, 2009

Prevention is better than cure.


Carrot + Ginger + Apple  – Boost and cleanse our system.

Apple + Cucumber + Celery –   Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and eliminate stomach upset and headache.

Tomato + Carrot + Apple
Improve skin complexion and eliminate bad breath.  

Bitter gou rd + Apple + Milk
–   Avoid bad breath and reduce internal body heat.  

Orange + Ginger + Cucumber
Improve Skin texture and moisture and reduce body heat.  

Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon
To dispel excess salts, nourishes the bladder and kidney.  

Apple + Cucumber + Kiwi
To improve skin complexion.  

Pear & Banana
  regulates sugar content.  

Carrot + Apple + Pear + Mango
Clear body heat, counteracts toxicity, decreased blood pressure and fight oxidization .  

Honeydew + Grape + Watermelon + Milk
Rich in vitamin C + Vitamin B2 that increase cell activity and str engthen body immunity.  

Papaya + Pineapple + MilkRich in vitamin C, E, Iron. Improve skin complexion and metabolism.  

Banana + Pineapple + Milk
Rich in vitamin with nutritious and prevent constipation